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Low Profile Metal Brackets


1. The newest polishing technical method create bright and shining bracket surface

2. Vertical midline mark for accurate positioning

3. Round and smooth ball hooks to minimize gingival damage

4. Friction-free slots to reduce friction and improve sliding mechanics

5. 80 gauge foil for maximum bond strength

6. Slim body design, so that patients with more comfortable. Applicable people, especially children

 普槽 (83)

Style:  Low Profile Mini 

Slot:  0.022  0.018
Torque:  Roth   MBT 
Hook:  No hooks   3hooks   345hooks

Mesh choose:  Ordinary mesh   Laser mark mesh   Sandblast mesh 

Laser welding 详情图片-1.jpg

Laser Mark Mesh 详情图片.jpg

Sandblasting Mesh 详情图片.jpg




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