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Liberty Glossy Self-ligating Brackets

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Liberty Glossy Self-ligating Brackets Upper / Lower

Lengthening tie-wings and upgrading the concave depth of both wings, so that the elastomers will not break away;

The bracket has a glossy and smooth surface like mirror, reducing the friction between the bracket and the mouth;

The base of the pre-molar bracket is specially designed, the base is more fit for each tooth. The encirclement and adhesion are stronger, not easy to fall off;Removable hooks design for each bracket.To adapt to the traction needs of various cases;

Torque data is accurate. The inside of slot is smooth, it is better conduction the orthodontic effect;

The surface of the ball hook is smooth, it’s comfortable to wear and doesn’t stimulate the oral mucosa;

There has a location line at the front of base, which is convenient for the orthodontist to locate quickly and accurately;

Tie-wing's tip has the round design to reduce friction;

The clip with a T-sliding design so that only slight force to open and close;Laser number on the base, more quickly distinguish brackets;

● Passive Style

● Laser Welding Process

● 0.022"

● 3 hooks,345 hooks

● Torque,Standard  High  Low  (MBT)

● For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalog online, or download 

the product catalog.

Glossy Torque

Glossy Model




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