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Four Side Screw Stainless Steel

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Four Side Round hole Micro Screw Stainless steel

Decreasing residue attachment and inflamed reaction;Half-thread design, 1/2 is smooth, it reduces mucosal irritation

The most popular style in the market, it is quadrilateral design, it is used with specified tools

This tip improves implant efficiency and avoids breakage;The design of four holes is convenient for orthodontist to use

Two styles of holes:round holes and rectangular holes, for different fixation and traction

● Four Side Style

Stainless steel

● Round hole

● Packing,1 pcs one set

● OEM,customized length

● Used Part

● Maxillary zygomatic alveolar ridge

 Mandibular cheek shed                 

 Palatal side of maxillary dentition

● Anterior margin of mandibular ascending branches

● 1/2 thread 14 mm,17 mm

● Maxillary cheekbones

● Anterior margin of mandibular ascending branches

● For detailed product information, please refer to the product catalog online, 

or download the product catalog.

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